Safe and Inclusive Border between Slovakia and Ukraine


Åpenhet provides support in research, training and visualization of data to contribute to making the Slovak - Ukrainian border safe, inclusive and cooperative.

Ukraine is, since 2017, part of the European Single Market through the DCFTA and is preparing to apply for EU membership. The work of Slovak and Ukrainian customs and border police is impacted by such changes. Through different trainings and research, the project facilitates transfer of knowledge and best practices for integrated border management.

Åpenhet fed the research with insights and data from Norway’s experience, provided methodological advice on data collection and is developing a tool to visualize citizen perceptions. We also contribute to the production of visually effective training material through factsheets, manage several aspects of the project and took a leading role in fostering cooperation between partners.

A compilation of studies will be published, featuring insights and data from Norway, as well as visualizations from the perception survey. 12 factsheets will be produced and included in the training material. Several activities are organized to encourage cooperation and team- building between Ukrainian and Slovak border police and customs.

Basic project information:

  • Programme: EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Cross-border Cooperation / Good Governance, Accountable Institutions, Transparency
  • Programme operator: Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic
  • Project promoter: Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic
  • Project title: Safe and Inclusive Border between Slovakia and Ukraine
  • Project number: SK-GOVERNANCE-0007
  • Project Implementation Period: 09/01/2021 - 12/01/2023
  • Total eligible costs: €894,227.00

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