Increasing the use of renewable energy sources in Supernova shopping centers


Åpenhet contributes to the project by conducting a research on Norwegian best practices and legislative framework related to the use of renewable energy in the trade sector. It is also hosting a conference to allow for Norwegian and Croatian practitionners and experts to discuss and exchange knowledge and best practices. Finally, Apenhet will be designing an interactive online platform embarking live data and visualizing the economic and environmental impacts of the project.

The project "Supersolar" aims at implementing 3 pilot projects to build integrated photovoltaic power plants on the roofs of Supernova shopping centres in Sisak and at promoting the use of photovoltaic energy in the commercial sector. Indeed, shopping centres are observing increasing energy needs, with rising energy costs negatively affecting business and increasing greenhouse gas emissions. Guided by the principles of sustainable growth and responsible management, the project partners want to increase the share of RES in total energy consumption by replacing conventional fuels used with more sustainable renewable solar energy. The project will result in an additional installed capacity of 722,42 kWp of solar energy, which will produce an estimated 751.224 kWh / year and contribute to a large reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the amount of 119,14 tCO2 / year.

Basic project information:

  • Programme: EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Energy and Climate Change
  • Project promoter: Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds (Croatia)
  • Project title: Increasing the use of renewable energy sources in Supernova shopping centers
  • Project Implementation Period: 09/01/2022 - 04/30/2023
  • Grant amount: €261,564.00

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