Defense Sector Integrity - Portal

Defense sector integrity in the Western Balkans' data portal

Defense Sector Integrity - Portal

Visualizing CIDS data on public sector integrity in the defense sector in the Western Balkans.

The Norwegian Centre for Integrity in the Defense Sector (CIDS) collects and published data on public sector integrity, mostly in the defense and police sector. Åpenhet built an entire data portal visualizing this data, to give it a louder voice and make it easy to understand, compare, analyse and interact with. The data portal makes data analysis, visualization and dissemination faster, more robust, transparent and efficient. The interactive data platform allows users to easily explore the data in depth, deep-dive into indicators or methodology, compare countries, etc. Besides, the automation of many data treatment tasks helped correct several imprecisions, unavoidable in text reports and manual data treatment. The platform thus helped CIDS increase its viewership, but also gain in efficiency and precision. This platform specifically stands out for its short development time and therefore its high cost-efficiency. Visit the data portal to see more!

Basic project information:

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